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Ben Zang
Employee Benefits Consultant

Brookfield WI      53005


After owning a business for almost 2 decades, Ben moved on to a family life and life of consulting. He has helped businesses in a variety of fields from operations, technology to Employee Benefits. It is his diverse background and network of experts that lends value and perspective to his clients. His philosophy on business is that it’s very much like raising children. They grow and change over time, so what fits today may not fit tomorrow. There will be a season for celebration and a season for tough conversations. It is the relationships and the community that make small businesses work. It is with this reverence and responsibility that Ben builds his practice.

The foundation of his work in Employee Benefits centers around 3 tenants

  • Transparency, In an industry where most of the data and trends are buried, Ben seeks to educate his clients on how they can empower themselves and their people in their choices of how they consume their healthcare.
  • Strategy, Clients need to have a plan and a vision for what is typically the second highest spend on your P&L.
  • Trust, At the end of the day… It is the trust between advisor and client that is the foundation for any growth. The ability to have the tough and smart conversations is in direct proportion to how much a client will grow.

Who can Ben Help?

  • Any Business or individual looking for health insurance
  • HR professionals looking to retain talent and recruit
  • HR professionals looking to make open enrollment easier
  • Business looking to make changes to benefits
  • CFO’s and CEOs looking to cut Health insurance costs

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